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See what's happening at Cathedral of Faith.

2023 Women's Conference

Women's Success Workshop.

Summer Bible Camp

"The Pause" communicates the importance of prayer, scriptures, and how to study the Bible. In all of these practices, students will become closer to God, and ultimately see the value in prioritizing their spiritual growth.

Red Dress Tea


Resurrection Program


Main Sanctuary

Leadership Seminar

Equipping youth with the necessary skills to grow into leaders that are worth following. They will be challenged, motivated, and armed with the knowledge and skillsets to transform their futures.

Fall Festival

Field Day 9:45am

YL Financial Conference

Bringing crucial financial literacy and life skills into students' lives by providing access to financial information from relevant, leading industry experts who can communicate and present the information in a fun and exciting manner.

Youth Summit

"Receiving An Increase from God" During this time individuals will be given life examples of how the Lord walked them through life. This would be a transparent and open dialogue that will encourage and express the goodness of our Lord even into adulthood.

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