Children Reading the Holy Bible

One Plants another Waters and God gives the Increase!!

1 Corinthians 3:6-9 (NIV) 

When:  2nd & 4th Friday, 6:45 pm CST
Where:  Online
Series:  "Different Then The Rest"

Our mission is to create exciting, Bible-driven, interactive environments designed for your children and youth.  We partner with families to help children learn about Jesus in a creative and engaging way.

Preschool & Elementary
It is the best place for your preschool and elementary aged child to build a biblical foundation for their life through Bible lessons, interactive games, engaging worship songs and team building time.  They will be given the opportunity to start a life-changing relationship with Jesus and develop into the leaders that God created them to be.

Middle & High School
For all 6th-12th graders and College students; design to help students discover the plans and purposes God has for their lives in an environment specifically designed for them.  Students will experience creativity, biblical teaching, open dialogue, and the opportunity to build authentic and healthy relationships.
Children Reading the Holy Bible


When:  2nd & 4th Friday Nights, 6:45 pm CST
Where:  Online
Series:  "Different Then The Rest"
We just successfully completed our first 4-week study on Jesus and Culture: Alike but Not Alike. It is imperative that we emphasize Life Application coupled with the Word of God to impact our youth in a life changing way. We taught the young people that they can honor God and still have influence without compromise. We also helped them to understand how to live as Christ-Followers and embrace being different from the World. The media, entertainment and secular music can have a negative impact on the way we live and think, this study helped the students understand that Christ’s goal for their lives is to live holy and be strong in HIM.
We will be studying lesson two: Different Then The Rest.
What we want students to learn: That Jesus wants His followers to be countercultural in their humility, living in the world as servants of others.
What we want students to do with what they have learned: To identify any actions or attitudes in their lives that represent seeking culture’s definition of success through selfishness, and to commit to embracing Jesus’ idea of success through serving others.
Scripture Focus: Mark 10:35-45   Supporting Scripture: Ephesians 4:2

We’ve kicked off our multi-week study on Jesus and Culture, an emphasis that will help our children understand how to live as Christ-followers in the world he or she lives each day in. Our students will learn how to embrace being separate from the world but still living in it; how their lives as Christ-followers will be counter-cultural; how they are affected by what they consume of culture through media and entertainment; and that Christ’s ultimate goal for them is to embrace holiness in their interactions with culture. 

Overview: The culture most of our students engage with is one of full-fledged “me-ism.” This generation of teenagers has been called “Generation Me” for a reason. They are the “selfie” generation. And though adults shoulder our share of the blame for enabling and allowing much of this behavior (even oftentimes mimicking it!), the truth remains: culture sends quite loudly the message that our own interests trump the interests of others. To get ahead is to self-promote. Image is everything. Teenagers are their own brand. And getting ahead often means putting others well behind themselves. The only problem is that this is the opposite of how Jesus urges His followers to interact with the world. In this lesson, your students will hear what Jesus had to say about humility and service, and how these attributes are to be hallmarks of the Christ-follower’s engagement with the culture..

Thank you so much for letting us challenge your child in his or her walk with Christ!